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Foresight Capital Partners is medium-sized private equity fund established in 2007. We invest at stages from seed through expansion in rapidly-growing businesses in attractive segments of economies. Our long-term objective is to support best business practices by helping truly exceptional leadership teams to excel in their industries leveraging on our international experience and partnership networks. We aim to secure our ability to exert influence (not necessarily through majority ownership) in the investee companies. Our plausible investment rage starts from $1m and above per each deal.

The focus and expertise at Foresight are in the following major areas:

  • Biotech
  • Cleantech
  • Consumer (Services, Media)
  • Healthcare (Equipment and Healthcare technology)
  • Geospatial
  • Technology (Big data, Internet-of-Things, Agriculture Technology, Small satellite technologies,..)

We support the investee companies’ growth, value-chain optimization, restructuring and expansion needs in order to exit profitably from our investments in 5-7 years time frame. Special attention is paid on introducing our portfolio companies to extensive partnership networks available at Foresight. These connections enable investee companies to foster growth by entering new markets, innovative product/process development and industry consolidation process.

Foresight teams consists of investment professionals coming from variety of backgrounds, including industries, investment banking and consulting. We consider ethics of high importance and conduct our business accordingly.

Portfolio Projects

Invesment Process

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