Our projects
We aim to work closely with our investee companies, delivering on our key strengths and competences, providing strategic oversight, business development efforts, optimisation and restructuring initiatives without getting too much involved in the operational management, where we trust the experience and professionalism of our management teams. We believe in the value of strategic partnerships and aim to exercise our investments together with partners and industry professionals in their fields.
Russian Retail
Growth Fund

, 2007)
The Russian Retail Growth Fund (RRGF) is a private equity fund focused on industries driven by a surging consumer demand such as retail, fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG), transport and logistics, telecommunications, financial sector and service industries.
Fjord Capital Partners
(London, 2009)
Fjord Capital Partners is a private equity firm focused on clean energy.The firm invests in middle market renewable energy, and energy efficiency companies, with the objective of creating value through an active industrial ownership model
(California, 2009)
Tesla Motors is a world pioneers in pure electric vehicles offering electric cars, and aiming at the mid-market segment.
World Steel
Exchange Marketing
(New Jersey, 2009)
The company is working to establish world's first steel futures trading platform in a JV with NASDAQ OMX. Steel pricing is based on proprietary SteelBenchmarker® Index
, 2009)
PROMT is one of the world leading developers of machine translation solutions for individual and corporate applications. PROMT products translate texts not just words using both rule-based analytical approach and statistical methods (hybrid technology). This allows to substitute translation work with post-editing, delivering high ROI for end-users.
(Moscow, 2010)
RosEvroBank is a privately-owned bank established in 1994. Over the past five years the Bank developed into a strong medium-sized Russian bank, entering Top 50 Russian banks in terms of assets and equity.
, 2011)
Joule has developed a de-novo biological process of synthesising and secreting alkanes (diesel fuel), ethanol or other chemicals by genetically engineered cells utilising sunlight (photosynthesis) and CO2.
Flagship Venture
(Boston, 2011)
Flagship Venture is a private equity firm. The distinctive strategy of the firm is both founding and investing in new ventures that seek to commercialize transformative life science technologies and products for the healthcare and emerging sustainability sectors.
(Denmark, 2012)
The science behind Samplix has emerged from microbiology activities at BioGasol (Fjord portfolio company), by developing a new method of enriching a culture with a specific genetic variation, with potential of being taken into the DNA realm.